Bacon’s Show and Tell – 3


Good Morning (furry)friends,

It’s Bacon’s Show and Tell 3 today yesterday

and like usually we couldn’t manage in time…

but here we finally are again…

…besides that..

it feels like yesterday… ;)

Granny is the Star in Bacon’s Show,

so I will tell you what she told me :)


Bacon has asks us to mention a toy that you are really loved when you were a kid,

and that you absolutely could not live without …

the one that gave you hours and hours of entertainment…

Bacon's Show and tell3.fix

Her colour pencils were one of her favorite “toys”

she couldn’t live without.

Not only because she could eat the pencils…

((…..everything was still eatable in her younger days ;)

and she wasn’t only plastic addicted…..))

but also because she loved to draw.


I made you a drawing

of what she drew when she was 4 years old…

((have you seen me next to Granny the gnome ;) )

and she didn’t had drawn only one of these gnomes-family,

no…. she drew it over and over again…

She told me her whole sketchbook was filled

with the same drawings…


Among us…

I’m not sure,

but it seems that there’s another addiction

in the picture…


- P A W K I S S E S -

Bacon's show and tell

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Not only Bacon is one of our favorites,

but also this “going back in time”

makes us happy.

Thanks Pal <3

Shopping Around The World – 4

bacons shopping 4fix

Hi (furry)friends,

Long time no see…MOL…

It’s Shopping time again

with our furriends

Bacon and Fozziemum

but because it’s raining cats and dogs again…

I did ask my twofeet brothers and sister

to do the shopping for me today…

Twofeet brothers and sister

and they did…

after they blackmaild me to pay them off

Isn’t that sweet :D

So here are the prices of the Netherlands:

- Water: 6 bottles of 0.5 l cost Euro 1.67 . We don’t have to buy water, our tap water is drinkable, so we fill our bottles with it.

- Bath soap: 2 soapies for Euro 1.98 of Unicura.

- Deodorant: Granny buys all kind of fragrants, with lovely, positive vibes names. She has a fragrant for every day and it depends on her mood, which fragrant she’ll use that day.  They cost from Euro 2,09 to Euro 3,48, but she only buys them when they’re on sale, then they cost only 1 Euro :)

Laudry Detergent: We use Ariel and for 18 washes we pay about Euro 6,99…but Granny is Granny..she waits untill the liquid is on sale, and then she pays for 36 washes the same price :D

-Random Item : Granny and Grandpa like dark chocolate. The darker the better. Fairtrade chocolate cost Euro 1,04 for 0.75 grams and Granny has to restrain herself not to eat it all at once and she has to share it with Grandpa. She’s a choc’aholic… but don’t tell her I’ve told you :D

Well, my furriends, that’s it for now.

It’s midnight here, so we will visit you tomorrow to compare the prices.

P A W K I S S E S for a Good Night -

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 51


Hi (furry)friends,

Here we are again…

Granny finally has time for me again…


AND to visit your bloggies…


but unfortunately I haven’t time…

for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge…


because it’s still raining,


and I have to watch…



the Prince…


no..not me…


but that one.

Don’t worry..I won’t harm him…

he’s used to my presence,

just like the other more than 7 froggies

We’re only teasing each other …Promiss… :D

- P A W K I S S E S -


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Cat in Boxes Photo Competition

Hi (Furrie)friends,

My furriend Marc-Andrè of Katzenworld

has  a Photo competition running…

that you still can enter untill the 31. August…

and Granny and I thought

let’s give it a try,


because we don’t have FB

and don’t know how to do it

with Google+

(ours seems to be without a camera, M-A…

or it is so small that Granny’s eyes can’t see it ;)

we do it  my way this way.


the photo for the competition:

Me in the box…


Now we only have to wait until the 1st of September…

and I’m so excited….

that I crossed all my paws …

paws crossed

- P A W K I S S E S -

Don’t forget to enter if you also want to make a chance

at the competition.

Good luck to all :D

To Granny: I hope you have done it right this time, Granny…

otherwise I have to get myself another secretary… :D

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 50


Hi (furry)friends,




Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


that means…


that we have

something to…

binky celebrate

Congratulations on your first milestone of

50 weeks’ Pet Challenges,

dear Michelle..

and hope there are lots more to come :D


That’s it for now, furriends,

Granny is still very busy

and I’m still


counting sheep…

- P A W K I S S E S 

for a



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 49


Hi (furry)friends,

We’re having

some work to do….


Our plum tree

should be harvested..


…so I have to help Grandpa

with picking the prunes..


I wonder where he is…

I can’t do all the work by myself

you know…


There he is…

well that was about time…


Have you seen…

how many prunes


we have already



Granny says I’m a hard worker

just like Grandpa…


and hard work is rewarded.. purrrr :)

- P A W K I S S E S -


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Just a little note. We won’t be around as much as we wanted,

because of Granny’s busy schedule at the moment,

but we’ll try to hang out with you anyway.


<3 <3 <3

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 48

movie maker

Hi (Furry)friends,

It’s Week 48 of my furriend’s

Weekly Pet Challenge

and for a change

I have a riddle for you today …

The question is:

What am I doing?

Please watch closely

and think like a…cat :)

movie maker

Here we go…


and action…

movie maker


movie maker

movie maker

movie maker

movie maker

movie maker

That wasn’t so hard,

was it :D

- P A W K I S S E S -


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