Hi (Furry)furriends,

There must be something in the air….


because we can’t comment on our Blogger-furriend’s bloggies anymore.

Granny has tried everything,

but it says “this is not your domain”

or “you don’t own that identity”

or just “ERROR”

and when we finally can comment,

the avatar won’t show up,

so no-one knows

that is was me you’re looking for….


We’ve tried to sign out for the domain account,

and it still doesn’t work.

Does anyone have an idea

how we can fix this…

or do we have to wait till after Halloween???

I think this is scary…..

An Extra Pawkiss for your help :)


to all of you :)

- P A W K I S S E S -

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 60

Hi (Furry)furriends,

I have found myself a new

washing sleeping basket…

and it sleeps

like this…

sleeping beauty


Sleeping Binky


sleep ahead


- P A W K I S S E S -


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E N J O Y :)

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 59 and my Sunday Selfies

to serious

..No, to sleepy…

not complete

let me see…

No… not complete…


Yes, this might be it…

Cool and…. more :D

- P A W K I S S E S -

This week we are doing…


and …


in one post.

Please feel free to enter in the Selfies Hop,

or in Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge,

or in both for double pleasure :D

Whatever you decide to do…

E N J O Y  :)

I’m not so talkative..but Granny is :D

I’m not so talkative…

but Granny is ;)

Granny is a good imitator too.

hear how she imitates my voice……

not the first one

that’s mine..MOL :D


have I said to much :D

- P A W K I S S E S -

Thank you all for bringing sympathy to Granny

that was very heartwarming.

She is living in an unreal state of mind

at the moment,

and she can’t even remember what she said

a minute ago..sigh…

Her ears have collapsed…

just to much emotions and stress,

but she realises that she has to go on

and that my furriends are calling…

The time that we weren’t on WordPress,

except for activating your notitions of sympathy,

our mail-inbox does strange things.

Every message of you, my furriends,

that belong in the sub-maps of our mailbox,

pops up in our major inbox now..

so when Granny opens her mailbox

we see YOU my furriends <3 <3 <3

and I told Granny that this was the sign

to go on

so here we are again :)

For now I leave you with this sleeping video of myself,

that’s why it is all dark…

well, I guess that’s obvious :D

..but you have to hear me purr  softly…

Enjoy the Weekend…

and me… <3

- E X T R A   P A W K I S S E S -

Friendship never ends….


Dear (furry)furriends,

Granny asked me to let you know

that she won’t be around

for a period of time…

because she just found out

that her furriend Corine

has lost her battle

against breast cancer.

corine en ik 2002fix

Here they are together

back in 2002 on the graduation ceremony.

She was only 36 years young.


That wasn’t easy, Granny…

but here we go..

Enter… :(

- S O F T  P A W K I S S E S S -

Sunday Selfie


I made myself a first Selfie



well, what do you think?

Can I participate…?

- P A W K I S S E S -

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 58

Autumn Sun

Hi (Furry)furriends,

Look at the sun…

and that alien resort…

Which direction

It’s noon right now…

and this is all I get…

two or three sunbeams

and someone who follows me…

sit with my shadow


since Autumn made his incoming…

I have to get rid of that…. intruder…

let's give it a try

maybe when I lie myself down here…

Is it still here…?

It is…

Autumn leaves

Well, then I do what the leaves do…

Spot without shadows

I think …

covers shadow

now I have covered it all :)

- P A W K I S S E S

F O R   A  H A P P Y   W E E K E N D -


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