The Pawty is over …

Pirate Binky

Hi (furry)furriends,

Yesterday we were having a great Pawty

over at Speedy’s 1st anniversary of


and of course I joined my furriend

on such a special event…

and I want to thank him again

for his hospitality


absolutely Purrfect Pawty,

without restrictions ;)


There is also someone else I want to thank

for the nomination of the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you Colleen of Silver Threading for this Award.

We already have it

look HERE and HERE

but we wanted to thank you properly too…

even if my veins still full of Booze and Nip of last night.

Hop over to Colleen

and read all about her silver thread

and her second life journey…

you will love it as much as we do :)


And Third I want to thank Amanda

of Living and Traveling in Africa

for this lovely Blog Award.

We already have this Award too,

and you can check it out HERE

but we have received it a few times more,

just check it out in the search button,

if you like to read about me us :D

Go and check out Amanda’s blog,

she’s having also a Pawty over there now…

with lots of tuna and nip..

she has nip, doesn’t she … ;)

That’s it for now my furriends.

Let’s stay together for a little while

for the Awter Pawty

and enjoy the song…

- P A W K I S S E S -

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 54


Are they gone?


Are you sure, Granny?


Promiss they won’t get me…

Hiding with a little spider

Hi (Furry)furriends,

I have to be very attentive


because they’re coming to take me away haha..

Let me tell you what has happenend…

don’t forget to biggify the pictures to see something

Hoek van Holland Beach

Granny and Grandpa went to the beach

…without me…

Seagulls on the Beach

There were lots of seagulls…

Don't you dare come's Granny of Little Binky

with their baby’s…

*chatters and licks paws*

Wait quietely

and Granny made lots of lucky shots pictures..

for me…

Here I come...

She told Grandpa that she couldn’t see a thing

on that display of the camera because of the sun

and just clicked the button…

Mum and Baby..or the other way around...

Look at the little baby and its mum…

Little Baby

..and then the fun started…

Seagull invention

Granny had to play

the Pied Piper of Hamelin


Pied the Piper and Granny the clicker

and she clicked…

seagull landing

and they came out of every corner…

We were is a battlefield...

..and multiplied…

just one more time...

and Granny clicked…

the Piper strikes again

and still there came more and more…

And they're still coming...

and more…

Grandpa on the right..

and more…

Flew in from miles away

and when she finally stopped clicking…

Seagull's landing on the beach

they still came running after her..

Three little birds..

Then Granny told them that she

won’t click the camera anymore

and then the Seagulls turned around and went


I have bird furriends too

Granny, you didn’t have to go to the beach

to see Seagulls…

Captain of the shed

I have Seagull-furriends too…

Fred Ahoy

Remember Fred the Captain of the shed ?

Don't fall asleep


don’t fall asleep..

Stay tuned,

the story hasn’t ended yet…

You can Pauze

and take a Nip-break

if you want…

before you continue reading…

Salted water Swans

Then Granny saw these beautiful


and she clicked…

Eating swan

and clicked…

and asked herself…

Swan invasion

where they all came from…

Pied the Piper strikes again… :D

Double Swan

and how they can survive…


in salted water…

Swimming into deep water

but obviously they can

survive in fresh and salted water…

Lone Ranger

and then Granny clicked

and the camera caught a Lone Ranger…

just like me…

The plane..the plane...

and an airplane…


and the sun….

and a flying opject….

They coming to take me away haha

….flying saucers….

Don't tell anybody that I'm here


that’s why I have to hide myself…

Have to close my eyes now for a little nip...nap

you never know for whom they come… ;)

- P A W K I S S E S -


This was our contribution to

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 53

Binky looking

I feel renewed…


Another year of

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

has started…

See something

and the Sun came out again this week…


so that means…


I have to take care…


of my little garden furriends..

searching for angels

and all those little Angels…

see him?

 Do you see him?…

Granny, let’s take a closer look…


No, no, it’s not Angel

Angel was still wearing his fur..



Now you scared him, Granny…

watching butterflies

I think I better wait…

long wait...

untill he comes back…

In the meantime …

looking out for a butterfly

I tell you what the Butterflies do in my our garden…


Remember the prunes….

telling stories

Well, a lot of them fell off the tree…


and how longer they’re in the garden

the smellier…

and increasingly rotten they get…


but for the Butterflies it is

like nip for us…


So this little Butterfly,

just comes back every sunny day

to drink his whisky prune-juice…

Dronken vlinder animatie

and when he has enough…


He just sits on the lamp

and sleeps it off…


And I look after him…

every sunny day…

that he doesn’t hurt himself

by falling…


Here’s a close up from the drunk



I’d better stay here

untill he comes back…


Don’t worry, furriends,

I won’t harm him….

he’s to fast for me anyway ;)

- P A W K I S S E S -


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and have some fun :D

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 52

Hi (furry)friends,

After my victory of the photo contest

we had a few extremely busy days,

with writing and interviews…

and everything that has to do with


…Granny is I am exhausted!…


the Sun finally began to shine again…

…after lots of rain and drowsy weather…

so I could rest for a sec….

and enjoy the sunbeams

on my famous furry furr…

before I hop over at Michelle’s



Dear Michelle,

We’re very happy to be part

of your Weekly Pawties CPet Challenges,

and we look forward

to all the old… and new entries every week

and to all the milestones  that will come…

and all the Nip that I’ll get…

We <3 You :)

- P A W K I S S E S…




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Hi (Furrie)friends,

I was still crossing my paws tonight…


when I heared…




and then Granny stood next to my box

and told me

that I was one of the winners

of the context

at Katzenworld.


Remember my entree-photo?

There are two other winners

I like to introduce you…




They’re both on FaceBook,

but because we don’t have FB

we want to congratulate them from here :)


We’re so excited…

Before we go,

we want to thank you all for your help and support.

Especially Dezi

who put my photo on FB and Google+

…even if we don’t know where…

…but it must be out there somewhere… :D

Thank you all for voting on me…


I think I can uncross my paws now.

- H A P P Y  P A W K I S S E S

 T O  Y O U  A L L -

Bacon’s Show and Tell – 3


Good Morning (furry)friends,

It’s Bacon’s Show and Tell 3 today yesterday

and like usually we couldn’t manage in time…

but here we finally are again…

…besides that..

it feels like yesterday… ;)

Granny is the Star in Bacon’s Show,

so I will tell you what she told me :)


Photo from Thanks for sharing!

Bacon has asks us to mention a toy that you are really loved when you were a kid,

and that you absolutely could not live without …

the one that gave you hours and hours of entertainment…

Bacon's Show and tell3.fix

Her colour pencils were one of her favorite “toys”

she couldn’t live without.

Not only because she could eat the pencils…

((…..everything was still eatable in her younger days ;)

and she wasn’t only plastic addicted…..))

but also because she loved to draw.


I made you a drawing

of what she drew when she was 4 years old…

((have you seen me next to Granny the gnome ;) )

and she didn’t had drawn only one of these gnomes-family,

no…. she drew it over and over again…

She told me her whole sketchbook was filled

with the same drawings…


Among us…

I’m not sure,

but it seems that there’s another addiction

in the picture…


- P A W K I S S E S -

Bacon's show and tell

If you like to participate with our furriend Bacon’s


just click on the badge.

Not only Bacon is one of our favorites,

but also this “going back in time”

makes us happy.

Thanks Pal <3

Shopping Around The World – 4

bacons shopping 4fix

Hi (furry)friends,

Long time no see…MOL…

It’s Shopping time again

with our furriends

Bacon and Fozziemum

but because it’s raining cats and dogs again…

I did ask my twofeet brothers and sister

to do the shopping for me today…

Twofeet brothers and sister

and they did…

after they blackmaild me to pay them off

Isn’t that sweet :D

So here are the prices of the Netherlands:

- Water: 6 bottles of 0.5 l cost Euro 1.67 . We don’t have to buy water, our tap water is drinkable, so we fill our bottles with it.

- Bath soap: 2 soapies for Euro 1.98 of Unicura.

- Deodorant: Granny buys all kind of fragrants, with lovely, positive vibes names. She has a fragrant for every day and it depends on her mood, which fragrant she’ll use that day.  They cost from Euro 2,09 to Euro 3,48, but she only buys them when they’re on sale, then they cost only 1 Euro :)

Laudry Detergent: We use Ariel and for 18 washes we pay about Euro 6,99…but Granny is Granny..she waits untill the liquid is on sale, and then she pays for 36 washes the same price :D

-Random Item : Granny and Grandpa like dark chocolate. The darker the better. Fairtrade chocolate cost Euro 1,04 for 0.75 grams and Granny has to restrain herself not to eat it all at once and she has to share it with Grandpa. She’s a choc’aholic… but don’t tell her I’ve told you :D

Well, my furriends, that’s it for now.

It’s midnight here, so we will visit you tomorrow to compare the prices.

P A W K I S S E S for a Good Night -

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