Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 47



there you are…


with my your brush…


please start, Granny….


Yes, also on that brown spot,

that I never had before…..

I must have got it

from all of that sunbading I guess….


Don’t stop yet…


just go on a little bit longer…


That will do, Granny…

Thank you :)

- P A W K I S S E S – 

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my furriend’s Pet Challenge Week 47.

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Shopping Around The World – 3

shopping cat

Good Morning (furry)friends,

Today it’s time to go shopping


with our furriends

Bacon and Fozzie,

who invented this pawsome

Shopping around the world Event…..

but because the temperature

might be rising up to 41 degrees again..

probably without sun..

as usual in our country :(

real temperature

I have to hurry up

before I melt down

like a micecream again…

barrow-cat Pumba

So here we are…

*Granny not that barrow-cat…*

shopping barrow

 *not that one either..*

Come on…

don’t let them wait to long…..

Shopping bag with contents

my best furriend Big Binky

…..Okay, okay, that will do…

So, Here are finally the Prices of the Netherlands:

Toilet paper Basic House brand 3 layer soft, bloomy (with flowers ;) 8 rolls Euro 2,39.

Regular Mince 300 grams Euro 1,85. We don’t know exactly what regular mince is. This is the price of beef mince. The half beef and …to Bacon: “please look away for a moment my furriend”….half pig mince is Euro 2,50 for 500 grams. Granny only buys the organic mince for Grandpa, because she doesn’t eat this. The organic variant is Euro 3,50 per 400 grams.

Store bought pizza with cheese and tomatoes housebrand Euro 1,10, brand Euro 2,31. Granny is making her own glutenfree pizza, since she can’t resist has to watch after her belly…and mine ;)

Package of hot…. dogs?.. MOL… what happened with the chicks or cats… :D Okay, back to serious. We don’t have them in packages and we eat only the vegetarian type and that costs Euro 2,29 for 5 Hot dogs.  In a can they cost Euro 1,98 for 6 dogs.

Package of bacon …don’t worry, this is not with capital B… ;) Grandpa likes Schwarzwälder Schinken and that cost Euro 1,89 for 100 grams.

has to run

Please visit Bacon and Fozziemum

and all other furriends entries

to compare the world’s prices.

I have to run,

but don’t forget to look

what I’ve brought you from shopping…

We’ll check on your bloggies later..

- P A W K I S S -

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 46


Hi (Furry)friends,

Another round of Michelle’s

Weekly Pet Challenge

has arrived..

and we haven’t even answered

on all of your blogs yet…

but as we all know..

time flies

when you’re having fun ;)

We’re already halfway,

so we’re working on it.


For this week

I’ll take time

to teach you

the headroll…

Starting to your left..

just like this…


then a little further to the back…

very easy…


When it cracks,

you’d better turn your head

back and a little down…


and wait

untill you can..


spin it around

to the other side

in one count…


That’s all…

If you do it right

it will look like this..


Looks like the 70th dance,

doesn’t it :D

- P A W K I S S E S -


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Have a good, sunshiny week <3 <3 <3

Happy Hot Weekend

happyweekendfixHi (Furry)furriends,

It has been a very busy week this week,

that’s why you haven’t seen us

around (much) lately…


after busy times

there’ll be always easy times,

so we’ll be back in no time…

…at least…

….I hope :D

It’s to hot in the Netherlands

right now, 31 degrees,

that’s why we left you

a video of me…

I had a good talk with a blackbird

this morning,


there he is….

Granny nobody can see mr blackbird…


…Yes, that’s better..


…that’s NOT what you’re going to see,

because Granny was to late…

to make a film of our conversation…

…like usually….


BUT instead

you can hear a one-man-act

Granny’s pampering talk conversation

with me…

Thanks for watching <3

- P A W K I S S E S


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – 45

Binky praatfixGood Morning (Furry)furriends,

We’re so happy to announce

that our furriend Michelle is back,

so we can continue with the

Weekly Pet Challenge…

binky praat1fix

and because I know

how you all like my in-bed-photos

I’ll prepare myself

for a little photoshoot…

binky praat3fix

but only for this occasion…

**I can’t get outside anyway,

they’re busy with wiring in the street,

and they scared the paw out of me,

when I was starting my rounds this morning.**

Okay, here we go…

no need for explanation… I suppose ;)

binky praat4fix

:) <3

binky praat5fix

:) <3

binky praat6fix

:) <3

binky praat8fix

I think that will do, Granny…

binky praat7fix

Okay..just one more…

binky praat9fix

and one extra of my pawsies…

Have a wonderful week effurrybody :)

- P A W K I S S E S -


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Have a Purrfect Weekend

Hi (Furry)friends,

Since I have to stay at home

in the early evenings…


 I just hang out

with Granny…

the whole evening.


She says it’s impossible

to do my blogs this way…


so she started to make selfies..


of me…


That’s so boring…

Better she gives me approval

to go outside again

and go on with my blog ;)

Have a Purrfect Weekend Everyone :)

- P A W K I S S E S -

Crawling little workers

sunpost.fixHi (furry)friends,

This week has been a very busy week

for us.

First we had unwanted introders

around the house


in the house…

in MY FOOD actually…only!

They’re little hard workers

and they were able to fly…

It was terrible,

but Granny asked them to leave

and stay out of the house…

and guess what,

they left….


well…just for a few days,

then they came back…

so Granny gave them coffee at first,

but they kind of liked it,

because they kept on working


*that must have been the caffeine, Granny*

A few days later she

put a lot of garlic in the holes

and all around the outside of the house…

*….imagine how that smells,

there won’t be coming any vamps

nearby our house anymore,

I guess no-one ever will be…..

believe me…*

Then the ants finally

moved on doing their stuff

and stayed out of the house.

So I guess that witchcraft

stinky garlic helped after all.


It’s to hot here now,

so it’s better to stay in my nest …

and tell you what’s happened next.


No, I better come down

to show you…

antfix1while I tell you…

antsfix2We also have

antfix4another population


in our garden…


and they live…


right here…


and under the boards…


I just can’t find them…


Oh, no,

they’ve hide inside the bucket…

antfix12Here they are..

just three of them…

but there are about 7 more..

antfix11well, they make you smile, don’t they?

But Granny asked Grandpa

to bring them to the ditch

nearby our house..

and Grandpa did,

but Granny told him that they’d be back,

because they were born here…

and the next day…


tadaaaa…the proof..

Granny said to Grandpa

that they’re allowed to stay…

they always will come back anyway,

and so we have

a nest of frogs in our garden too.

I think that’s cute,

they don’t harm you,

and you never know,

what Prince shows up.

I still have to convince Granny of it…


Oh, and last but not least…

look who’s back…


My hedgehog furriend


Doesn’t she look gorgeous :)


That’s it for now, my furriends,

It’s hot, but muggy weather,

with lots of clouds…

so tomorrow it will be

raining again.

Wishing you all



and see you soon ;)


- P A W K I S S E S -


Thanks to 123rf  for the photo of the ants.

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